Fibre Optic Lighting

Fibre Optic Lighting

Fibre Optic Lighting

fibre optic 2

A fibre optical lighting light box contains the bulb (usually incandescent or metal halide) and projects the light down a glass or plastic fibre until it appears at the fibre’s end.

The fibre optic lighting end can be anywhere; for example up in a high ceiling or cast into a concrete wall or steps.

The ability to separate the light output from the location of the electrical supply has obvious safety and maintenance advantages.

Fibre optic lighting are commonly used to create starry sky effects; for example in a roof over a swimming pool or hot tub or as a night light over a child’s bed.

It is also a great way to introduce colour, as colour “wheels” can be inserted into the light box to create as solid colour or an ever changing array of colours.

This effect can be very dramatic when used as uprights to wash a white wall with different hues.

There is a distance limitation of about 6 metres (20 ft) between the fibre and the light box

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