Low Voltage Halogen Lighting

Low Voltage Halogen Lighting

Low Voltage Halogen Lighting

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Requiring a transformer, typical low voltage halogen bulbs make colours seem fresher than incandescent bulbs do.

They can provide either a diffuse, shadow free illumination or a sharply defined, narrow beam.

They are useful for both accent and general lighting applications.

It is worth investing in good quality bulbs. These will typically last longer(around 5,000 hours) and produce a truer color rendition than cheaper versions.

Low voltage halogen lamps are available in different beam widths; from 10 to 60 degrees.

Used skilfully, these bulbs can fulfill a huge number of lighting tasks in your home.

Softening sandblasted and linear lenses are also available to “diffuse” and “stretch” the hard arc of light to make it appear softer.

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