RCD For Circuits Protection

RCD For Circuits Protection

RCD For Circuits Protection

The following are the list of residual current devices (rcd) ratings as mentioned and described in BS 7671 :
RCD = 30mA
a) for all switch socket outlets rated at no more than 20A (general use).
b) for mobile equipment rated at no more than 32A (outdoor use)
c) for all circuits in bath (shower) rooms
d) preferred for all circuits in TT system
e) for all circuits in a location containing sauna, etc
f) for each socket outlets in caravan parks, marinas and final circuits for houseboats
g) for all socket outlet circuits rated not more than 32A for construction sites
h) for all socket outlets supplying equipment outside mobile or transport units
i) for all circuits in caravans
j) for all circuits in circuses, etc
k) for all circuits supplying Class II heating equipment for floor and ceiling heating systems
RCD = 500mA
a) for any circuits supplying one or more sockets of rating exceeding 32A and on construction site
RCD = 300mA
a) for at the origin of a temporary supply to circuses, etc
b) for where there is risk of fire due to storage of combustible materials
c) for all circuits (except socket outlet) in agricultural locations
RCD = 100mA
a) for socket outlets of rating exceeding 32A in agricultural locations

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